Overcome The DEGENERATE AGE OF MEDIOCRITY, Master Your Mind, Build Robust Wealth and Get Crystal Clear on your Life-Purpose

Even if you don't know where to start...

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  • Subconscious mind reprogramming: Learn to remove the mental limitations and destructive thought patterns which have kept you stuck so you can finally feel free.  
  • Reality creation & manifestation:  Materialize the vision in your mind in the real world faster than you thought was possible. No watered down ‘the secret’ nonsense, instead time-proven principles for creating your reality.
  • Stoicism & mental toughness:  Become resilient in the face of chaos by mastering the principles of 2000-year-old ancient psychology. Strengthen your mental health and gain supreme control over your emotions. 
  • Clarity of thought & mental models: Learn the thinking shortcuts used by geniuses to gain extraordinary results. Build your mind to discover hidden opportunities when the time is ripe.
  • ​Discipline & overcoming procrastination: Say goodbye to resistance and become a high-performer who accomplishes more in a day than most people do in a week.  


  • Learn different business models: Diversify your income and prepare for the incoming storm by having several different ways to make money online.   
  • Make your first 10k/month: I will give you the blueprint to building your first $10,000/month business ASAP even if you are a complete noob who has never made a dollar in online business. 
  • Grow from 10k/month to 100k/month: Learn from my experience in the online game as I grow my business past 100k/month. I will share everything I know, so you can get results quick.
  • Master social media marketing: Discover hidden social media marketing secrets which have allowed my brands to gain millions of views on YouTube/Instagram and TikTok. 


  • Discover your life purpose: Rest easy knowing you are on the exact path you should be in life. You will wake up excited to start the day whilst others struggle to get out of bed. 
  • Increase your masculine energy: Discover what it means to be a man and get connected to your core masculine energy. This will fill you up with otherworldly confidence.
  • ​Leave an impact: Leave this physical plane knowing you lived your life fully by maximizing yourself in all domains of self-improvement.


  • You're tired of mediocrity and are looking to upgrade your life. 
  • ​You enjoy Isaac's content but are ready for more actionable steps and guidance. 
  • You are ​looking to network with like-minded people without distractions. 
  • ​You feel stuck on your self-improvement journey and need a little push to get you to where you know you should be. 
  • ​You are ready to level up your mind, body, spirit and wallet.
  • You need help reprogramming your mind and destroying mental limitations that are keeping you stuck.
  • ​Have an online business and are ready to take things to the next level.
  • ​You have some expertise and are looking to start an online business.
  • ​You get shit done but just need direction.
  • ​You are financially stable and ready to invest in yourself. 


New Trainings Added Every Month

Each month there will be at least 2 new trainings added. The content will revolve around mastering your mind, discipline, online entrepreneurship & much more. You won't find this content anywhere else online.


Access To Exclusive Membership Courses

Full-length courses will be created and released for free to members. The next course to be released will revolve around finding your life purpose.


Live Monthly 
'Ask Me Anything' Training Calls

Each month you will get a chance to join a group chat where you can ask me anything. 


Private Membership App

No need for a desktop when you can see everything on an app!


Private Self-Mastery Book Club

Join our monthly book challenge. You will be given a book suggestion on self-mastery guaranteed to change your life, and we will get together and share insights.


Private Membership Forum

No need to be distracted by Facebook group notifications or Discord pings. We have a private forum to call home.


Mastermind Chats

Join small groups of other like-minded members in a private group chat.


Why did you decide to make a membership when you have been giving away so much stuff for free?

I decided to make a membership after witnessing the changes in our world post-2020. Information is being censored at a ridiculous rate and social media platforms punish those who go against their wishes. My teachings have evolved over the years, and I want to share with you the highest level knowledge regarding self-mastery without fears of being de-platformed. My YouTube and Instagram have already been shadow banned, getting a fraction of the reach they once did. A membership is a place where we can speak candidly and grow together. I also know many of you have been asking for this for a while and were excited about the idea.

What type of content will be covered in the membership?

The content will dive much deeper than the content on my YouTube channel and emails, and it will also have more practical applications. Some of the topics covered will be:
  • Goal setting and planning so you always know what you should be doing. 
  • Overcoming procrastination and laziness and unlock infinite motivation for your goals.
  • ​Clearing mental clutter, never get confused again.
  • Getting clear on your life purpose and know what you were put on earth to do.
  • ​Online entrepreneurship – learn to make your first 10k/month online or scale to 100k/month. Rest easy knowing you will always have your finances right even during a reccesion
  • ​Subconscious mind and manifestation learn to change who you are at will and create your ideal reality. 
  • ​Destroying bad habits (social media, porn, drinking, smoking, etc.) No longer feel like a mental slave.
  • ​High-level thinking from mental models to outsmart your competition. Become a genius who see's hidden opportunities. 
The idea is to turn you into what Nietzsche called the Übermensch, or the Gigachad (as the kids are calling it). Master your mind, body, money and purpose so you can Live and Die Well in our degenerate age

Will I be able to easily cancel my membership if I no longer want to continue?

You can cancel your subscription at any time. You simply go to your profile settings and click ‘cancel subscription’.

What if I forget to cancel my subscription! I don’t want to be charged for years if I don’t use it.

You will get an email 7 days before every renewal reminding you about the payment. The plan is to have you participate and become the highest version of yourself. I would rather you cancel if you’re no longer interested. The membership is about taking action.

What’s the main difference between the content in the membership and the content sent via email/YouTube?

The free stuff is only the tip of a very large iceberg. Members take action, whilst most readers and viewers tune in just to feel as if they are doing something productive. If you enjoy the value I give away for free, wait until you see what I share with my paying clients. Emails and YouTube highlight the importance of certain things, e.g., WHY you should have an online business. However, the membership deals with the HOW I learned to build one. The content is more action-oriented. I will give you practical applications, frameworks, worksheets and various material not presented in my free content. The membership is for people who want to dive really deep into the various aspects of Living and Dying Well.

Will you still be uploading on YouTube and writing emails?

Of course, that won’t change. If you’re satisfied with watching and reading, by all means, you can continue. But if you want to learn how to implement the knowledge, then the membership is for you. Members will always be my highest priority because they’re taking action.

Will there be a Facebook Group or Discord?

NO. The membership has its own forum capabilities including an asynchronous posting wall, direct messages and group messages. The last thing we need is more distractions, pings and dumb notifications from social media platforms. This is an Agoge not a playhouse.

Why isn’t the membership free?

99% of the stuff I have put out has been free, but how much of it have you actually implemented? Be honest. Paying for a service is a commitment device which allows you to get invested and take it seriously. You pay to have some SKIN IN THE GAME. Also, it allows the membership to be on its own private platform where it can’t be censored by BIG DADDY TECH. I also like money…


Use the Live & Die Well membership for 30 days for just $1. After the trial ends, you will be charged the usual $68/month. You are free to cancel anytime no questions asked. You will also get a reminder 7 days before your payment is due. 

Use the coupon 'SELFMASTERY' at the checkout. This offer will expire when the countdown ends.